What are

Inspired by the modern Crypto Art movement, PandaPunks are unique pixel panda characters that are created by the artist and stored in the smart contract based on the blockchain. You can own multiple or single PandaPunks on your blockchain wallet. Each character is unique. PandaPunks can be purchased on the NFT marketplace. PandaPunks is moving to become the most expensive collection of Pandas in the world.

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Each Panda has its own unique profile which can be viewed on the Marketplace, it is important to note that each panda has different characteristics. The transactional history of each Panda can also be accessed. Once a Panda art is released, due to the nature of the blockchain technology it cannot be altered or adjusted.


PandaPunks owners have exclusive licenses to use, copy, and display purchased PandaPunks for commercial use. If you would love to use PandaPunks for commercial use, you need to require consent from the current owner.

Important Features that made
PandaPunks distinct from
other NFTs projects.

Bond for communities

PandaPunks is a collection of unique NFT series that will be launched on multiple chains. Meaning that users on OEC or on Ethereum can both own their favourite PandaPunks NFTs. And by deploying PandaPunks on these chains, we can effectively bond a broad group of users with a common interest that normally would not communicate, this NFT will become their common point.

Daily Auctions

PandaPunks have a limit of 1000 characters and issue 2 NFTs per day, so it is 60 sparkling new panda character NFTs a month, i.e. 730 ones a year. There is no rare degree or level since each NFT is unique, users can determine its price by their own appreciation of beauty or taste. This adds a heightened sense of excitement to the community, as you never know what tomorrow’s NFT could look like.

Treasury managed by DAO

PandaPunks is completely decentralized. The developers do not have autonomy over the proceeds. It is a governed community project with privacy and security. PandaPunks don't give room to hierarchy. Every decision-making is done by the community. This makes PandaPunks one of the special projects in the NFT community.

100% of auction proceeds (ETH) are automatically deposited in the PandaPunks DAO treasury, where they are governed by PandaPunks owners. Each PandaPunk is an irrevocable member of PandaPunks DAO and entitled to one vote in all governance matters. PandaPunk votes are non-transferable (if you sell your PandaPunk the vote goes with it) but delegable, which means you can assign your vote to someone else as long as you own your PandaPunk.


2021 Q3

A group of metacreatures called PandaPunks discovered the earth from their living planet, ready to land…

2021 Q4

Summon PandaPunks every day, unlock giveaways for PandaSwap board members

2022 Q1

PandaPunks take over DAO treasury that receives 100% money they earn in the earth.

2022 Q2

Initial DAO voting by only Punkers to make decisions on treasury governance and other matters.

2022 Q3

Launch an incubation gamefi project that leverage PandaPunks as identity and other functions.

2022 Q4

Enter deflationary era through a unique mutation mechanism.


We are on OEC(OKExChain) and Ethereum.

A total of 1000 unique PandaPunks NFTs will be created.

No, we fairly launch by regular daily auction mode.

You can participate in our daisy auctions for newly released PandaPunks hold on PandaSwap(OEC) and Opensea(Ethereum), or you can buy from market.

Yes, you can sell at PandaSwap and Opensea.